The National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM along with the National Water Comission in Mexico are pleased to invite the hydroinformatics international community to the 14th International Conference on Hydroinformatics (HIC 2020), to be held in Mexico City. We live in exciting times, we have seen massive advances in sensing, computation, communications, and real-time data analysis. These advances pave the road towards the broader use of the Internet of Things, a concept which is here to allow the birth of the cities of the future. In this sense, it is only natural to think of the application of this technological advances into water systems.

This is an exciting time, full of opportunities, where the role of information communications technology (ICT) may produce an evolution on the way we manage and operate hydraulic infrastructure and hydrological data all over the world. With the advent of the digital age and technologies of information and communication, it is inevitable for water scientists to transit to the development and use of smart water monitoring systems than allow for a better water resources management. It is only natural that the ever growing hydroinformatics community will integrate all these solutions as their interests range from numerical modelling to the development of new sensors and tools, the interpretation of increasing amounts of data, the analysis and management of complex systems, the integration of models, data and controls for practical applications.

A new era of hydraulic engineering has born, one that requires the use of more than one discipline for the generation of adequate solutions to key water challenges of the century. The work of the IAHR/IWA Joint Committee on Hydroinformatics and of several International Water Association Specialist Groups has demonstrated the importance of knowledge integration among scientists, practitioners and technology experts in order to tackle the complex challenges of water management in a changing world.

Science and evidence, in the broadest sense, are key to developing a better understanding of what makes successful and sustainable water resources management. New technologies and innovative design will have a key role to play but predicting the future on how this will happen is simply not possible. To help water scientists and decision makers all over the world, be more dynamic and technological, we need a forum that allows us to think of these issues. To support this exchange of ideas, HIC2020 will be an interdisciplinary evidence based forum enhanced by a series of seminars and interactive workshops which drew on the global expertise of those who develop solutions to water issues of these days.

HIC 2020 will create a forum for promoting ground-breaking technologies, for proposing new extensive collaborations, for finding new solutions for water management and environment preservation. We aim to make an important contribution to that end.
On behalf of the Organizers