To all interested parties from countries within Mesoamerica:



The Mexican Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AMEXCID), through the Mesoamerican Cooperation Program, and UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), through the Mesoamerica Hunger-Free Program AMEXCID-FAO, will grant financial aid to 18 youths
presenting the best papers of the sub-region submitted to attend the 14th International Conference on Hydroinformatics.

Basic requirements:

                • Send an extended abstract in English by February 15
                • Be less than 35 years old
                • Be associated with a research institution of the sub-region

The financial grant aims to cover lodging expenses in Mexico City for 6 nights and international transportation from the place of origin of one author of each paper submitted.


The selection criteria will be the merit and impact of the paper. The decision of the jury will be indisputable. In addition, for those selected, the registration fee will be waived.


The names of grant recipients will be published on the HIC2020 website on March 31st.


Terms and conditions


          • Financial grant coverage:


The Mexican Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AMEXCID), through the Mesoamerican Cooperation Program, will undertake the purchase of tourist-class airplane tickets with fixed round-trip dates, as well as a per diem for sojourn expenses in Mexico City for the duration of the Conference (6 nights).


Upon arrival in Mexico City, the grant recipients should go to the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs to receive a check for sojourn expenses.


It is necessary for the grant recipient to acquire a medical insurance for their stay in Mexico. It is important to point out that unforeseen expenses shall be covered by the grantee. Furthermore, it is advisable that they carry some money in cash for any eventuality during their stay.


IMPORTANT: If grantees do not have a Mexican or American Visa to enter Mexico, please notify it in order to bring assistance in their country of origin (grantees should make an appointment and follow the whole administrative process in the Mexican Embassy of their country of origin; this does not exclude the possibility of the visa being denied).


          • Commitments of grant recipients:


Grantees should sign a Transportation Expense Justification Format (which will be sent via e-mail from AMEXCID) to confirm attendance to the International Conference. The electronic plane ticket will be sent by the same means and the amount of per diem will be made known.


It is important to note that the grantees will have to demonstrate that the project for which they have been selected is feasible of being applied in their country or write a research article on the subject as a final product of this grant. The deadline for this requirement will be established by AMEXCID.

Centro Regional de Seguridad Hídrica International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research International Water Association Instituto de Ingeniería, UNAM Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales Instituto Mexicano de Tecnología del Agua